World Economic Forum Announces 100 New Start-ups Joining its Technology Pioneers Community


San Francisco, USA 10 May 2022 – The World Economic Forum today welcomes 100 innovative tech firms to its Technology Pioneers community. Full of young and growing tech companies, the 2022 cohort is forging new paths in healthcare, food production and more with cutting-edge technologies. 

This year’s intake includes Emerge, which is improving virtual interactions through the development of a device with tactile effects for users at virtual gatherings. Ampd Energy is reshaping the construction industry by pioneering battery energy storage systems, and Alife is supporting healthcare advances by using artificial intelligence to improve the success rate of IVF. 

“The 2022 cohort of Technology Pioneers is already bringing great changes to industries around the world,” said Saemoon Yoon, Technology Pioneers Community Lead, World Economic Forum. “By joining this community these emerging tech leaders can continue to show not only the impressive tech advancements within their firms but also how their companies are helping to build a better future for us all.”

For the first time, over one-third of the selected firms are led by women, well above the industry average. With 2022 Tech Pioneers based in 30 countries – with Viet Nam, Rwanda and the Czech Republic represented for the first time – this year’s cohort is shaping industries around the world.

In Mexico, for example, microTERRA builds on-site water treatment systems with microalgae that transforms wastewater into a sustainable protein source and clean water. Luxembourg’s Mission Space develops a satellite-based space weather intelligence system. In the United States, Bonumose is transforming global food systems with its technology to support the affordable production of healthy alternative sugars such as tagatose and allulose.

Following their selection as Technology Pioneers, this year’s companies will join an impressive group of alumni that include many household names, such as Airbnb, Google, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Spotify, TransferWise, Twitter and Wikimedia. 

The 2022 cohort will also be invited to participate in World Economic Forum workshops and events and high-level discussions during their two years in the community. 

The 2022 Technology Pioneers include:


  • Access Afya (Kenya) – High-quality healthcare for the global mass market
  • Ampersand (Rwanda) – Africa's leading battery-swap energy network for light vehicles
  • Okra (Nigeria) – Digitalizing financial services for Africa
  • Pula Advisors (Kenya) – An insurance and technology company providing comprehensive insurance solutions
  • Sendy (Kenya) – Building fulfilment infrastructure for e-commerce and consumer brands


Asia Pacific 

Akila (China) – Optimizing buildings, construction and environmental, social and governance
Allinfra (China) – Building technology to help institutions achieve their climate goals
Ampd Energy (China) – Electrifying construction to eliminate emissions
Authing (China) – Enterprise's next-generation information technology identity infrastructure
BioMap (China) – Leveraging artificial intelligence to decipher the complex immune system
Booming Tech (China) A virtualization engine platform for a digital oasis
Boson Protocol (Singapore) – A universal settlement layer for commerce
Digitwin (China) – Providing enterprise metaverse solutions through spatial digital twins
Docosan (Viet Nam) – A new gateway for healthcare in Viet Nam
EMQ (China) – Enabling real-time, secure and affordable financial services for everyone, everywhere
Freed Group (China) – Enhancing performance and commerce capability through FreeDimension technologies and solutions
Mint Innovation (New Zealand) – Delivering low-carbon metals critical to electrifying the global economy
Mudi (China) – Offering clinical research-based data through the use of artificial intelligence
N.THING (Republic of Korea) – Leading innovation in agricultural service and farm-to-table value chains (Singapore) – A spatial data platform enabling location artificial intelligence for enterprises
Okra Solar (Australia) – Developing hardware and software for sustainable last-mile energy access
OnLoop (Singapore) – Transforming clunky performance management into elegant collaborative team development
Pandocorp (India) – Making supply chain execution intelligent with a fast logistics cloud
Proeon (India) – Creating next-generation plant proteins with superior taste, texture and nutrition
Qcraft (China) – Autonomous driving solutions for easy autonomous application with rapid iteration
Recykal (India) – Asia's first circular economy marketplace 
Reejig (Australia) – Ensuring zero wasted potential in people, business and society
RoboticPlus (China) – Providing intelligent robotic products for the construction sector
Seoul Robotics (Republic of Korea) – A 3D computer vision company powering the future of autonomy
Shinta VR (Indonesia) – Providing impactful immersive technology for education and human development
SmartCoin Financials (India) – A tech-driven financial inclusion platform empowering the underserved
Vahan (India) – Building a full-stack labour marketplace for blue-collar workers
WIZ.AI (Singapore) – Revolutionizing the in-and-outbound call process with conversational voice artificial intelligence
XCharge (China) – All-in-one smart electric vehicle charging solution pioneer 
YesHealth (China) – Building the world's largest and most efficient vertical farms



Beenova AI (UK) – Scaling education through conversational learning powered by artificial intelligence
betteries (Germany) – Upcycling electric vehicle batteries into affordable mobile power systems
Circulor (UK) – A proven technology for real-time supply chain traceability
Citibeats (Spain) – Ethical artificial intelligence big data analysis 
Collective Benefits (UK) – Insurance and benefits platform for independent work
Cyacomb (UK) – A first line of defence against harmful content online
Dendra Systems (UK) – Pioneering ecosystem restoration at scale
EJARA (France) – Enabling francophone Africans to build and protect their wealth
Embion Technologies (Switzerland) – Platform technology for sustainable nutrition and health solutions from biomass 
Enerbrain (Italy) – Providing healthier and energy-efficient built environments for people
Fluency (UK) – Enabling central bank digital currencies and universal digital payments
Mission Space (Luxembourg) – A private satellite-based space weather intelligence system
MIWA (Czech Republic) – Preventing the creation of waste from single-use packaging
Nu Quantum (UK) – Enabling scalable quantum computing through photonic networks
Oxford Quantum Circuits (UK) – Building quantum computers to enable life-changing discoveries
Plan A (Germany) – A corporate carbon accounting and decarbonization software solutions provider
Proton (Switzerland) – Providing internet services that are private by default
Roboze (Italy) – Reshaping manufacturing with a new distributed production model
ROCSOLE (Finland) – Insights from harsh process conditions improving industry operational efficiency
Somnium Space (UK) – Open, social and persistent virtual reality platform powered by blockchain
TechWolf (Belgium) – Developing an enterprise overview of employee skills and gaps
Twin Science (UK) – Developing children's skills through purpose-led STEM learning
Wolfprint 3D (Estonia) – Cross-app avatar platform for the metaverse
Latin America 

Global66 (Chile) – Global financial platform for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises
Houm (Chile) – A digital platform to rent, buy and sell properties online
Mamotest (Argentina) – A patient, data-driven, end-to-end solution to defeat breast cancer
microTERRA (Mexico) – Powering the plant-based future
Pomelo (Argentina) – Infrastructure to launch and scale fintech in Latin America
Middle East and North Africa 

Eureka Security (Israel) – A data security posture management platform
HawKar (Tunisia) – An innovative start-up aimed at people with reduced mobility
OCON Healthcare (Israel) – 3D uterine drug delivery to fit women's anatomy 
North America 

Agerpoint (USA) – Transforming how plants, crops and forests are measured and monitored 
Alife (USA) – An IVF operating system to improve outcomes and fertility care
Aliro Quantum (USA) – Quantum networks for physics-based secure communication and scalable quantum computing
AllHere (USA) – AI-powered support for families in primary and secondary schools
BEIT (USA) – Providing intellectual property for quantum computer hardware and algorithms
Benepass (USA) – Reimagining company staff care with flexible and personalized benefits
Bonumose (USA) – Affordable, healthy sugars without sacrificing taste or functionality
Butlr Technologies (USA) – Making the built environment people-aware
Centrly (USA) – A market intelligence platform accelerating innovation by systematizing partnership search
Colossal Biosciences (USA) – The de-extinction company 
Copia Automation (USA) – Git version control for programmable logic controller (PLC) programming
Credo AI (USA) – Operationalizing responsible artificial intelligence
CrowdAI (USA) – Enabling organizations of all sizes to deploy computer vision
Databento (USA) – Pay-as-you-go for financial market data
DNAstack (Canada) – Building technologies to enable responsible biomedical data sharing and discovery
DXM (USA) – Technology-driven, on-demand, sustainable manufacturing platform for all
Emerge (USA) – Bringing touch and emotion to virtual experiences
Everstream Analytics (USA) – Setting the world’s supply chain standard
Guidewheel (USA) – Empowering factories to reach sustainable peak performance
High Fidelity (USA) – Offering spatial audio technology for next-generation voice communication
Horizon Blockchain Games (Canada) – Driving Web3 adoption through easy, fun and powerful blockchain
Hubble Technology (USA) – Enabling business resilience through complete visibility into technology assets
Ignite (USA) – Accelerating the world's transition to a decentralized future
Journey Foods (USA) – Automating sustainability, nutrition and cost innovation
Leap (USA) – Enabling real-time, automatic energy market participation for distributed energy resources
LeasePilot (USA) – Helping commercial real estate owners draft their leases faster
Manufacture 2030 (USA) – Empowering companies to hit supply chain carbon targets with confidence
Nithio (USA) – An artificial intelligence-driven platform for clean energy investment
Novoloop (USA) – Upcycling company creating chemicals and materials made from plastic
Oolu (USA) – Distributing solar energy solutions in West Africa
Plaine Products (USA) – Eliminating single-use plastic from the bathroom
Recuro Health (USA) – Pre-emptive digital medical care to lower costs and improve outcomes
Resilinc (USA) – A leading supply chain risk monitoring, mapping and resiliency solution
Slang (USA) – Artificial intelligence-powered learning platform empowering the workforce with professional English

About the Technology Pioneers

The World Economic Forum believes innovation is critical to the future well-being of society and driving economic growth. Launched in 2000, the Technology Pioneer community comprises early- to growth-stage companies from around the world that are involved in the design, development and deployment of new technologies and innovations and are poised to make a significant impact on business and society.

The community is part of the Global Innovators Community, an invitation-only group of game-changing start-up companies. In addition, the community is also part of the Centres for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Network, where members contribute to shaping new policies and strategies in areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital assets, the internet of things and autonomous vehicles.

About the Global Innovators

The Global Innovators Community is a group of the world’s most promising start-ups and scale-ups at the forefront of technological and business model innovation. The World Economic Forum provides the community with a platform to engage with public- and private-sector leaders and to contribute new solutions to overcome crises and build future resiliency.

Companies that are invited to become Global Innovators will engage with one or more of the Forum’s platforms, as relevant, to help define the global agenda on key issues.