Tunisia: Over 300 Tunisian, Turkish Officials and Bussinessmen to Partake in 1st Business Forum, June 5


Tunis — Over 300 Tunisian and Turkish government officials and business operators will partake in the first Tunisian-Turkish Business Forum, to be held on June 5 in Istanbul (Turkey), said Head of Cooperation with Europe at the Trade and Export Development Ministry Nabil Arfaoui.

This new edition is the first following the revision of the 2005 free trade agreement in 2023, he said in an interview at TAP TV Studio.

This event is organised on the joint intiative of the Trade and Export Development Ministry and Turkey's Ministry of Trade, with the participation of agencies and public companies active in investment and tourism, he further said.

The goal in to scale up cooperation and encourage investment and boost tourism.

Some 100 Tunisian companies operating in all economic sectors will participate, in addition to 200 from Turkey.

The forum is an opportunity to hold direct meetings between Tunisian and Turkish economic operators and spotlight opportunities for cooperation in a wide range of fields.

Turkish business operators will familiarise with the business climate in Tunisia in connection mainly to the foreign direct investment or through partnerships and the promotion of Tunisia as a destination in Turkey.

"This Forum aims to improve complementarity between different sectors, while focusing on ways to boost Tunisia's presence in the Turkish market in a bid to reduce imports of Turkish products," he added.

The official added that the Trade and Export Development Ministry aims to open up new prospects for Tunisian companies to establish themselves on the Turkish market.