TAZAMA Constructs Fuel Pipeline to Enhance Fuel Distribution in Northern Zambia


The Tanzania Zambia Mafuta (TAZAMA) Limited is making significant strides in improving fuel distribution in northern Zambia with the construction of the region’s first-ever fuel pipeline. This pipeline will connect the main TAZAMA pipeline to the Mpika Fuel Depot, which is government-owned.

TAZAMA’s Managing Director, Davison Thawete, announced that this three-kilometer pipeline will supply the 6.5 million liters Mpika Fuel Depot. The project, which commenced last month, is expected to be completed by November this year. The Zambian Government is funding this essential infrastructure development at a cost of US$1.5 million.

Once the pipeline is operational, Oil Marketing Companies responsible for fuel deliveries to Luapula, Muchinga, and Northern Provinces will no longer need to collect fuel from Ndola, as has been the practice in the past. This improvement in fuel distribution logistics will streamline operations, reduce transportation costs, and enhance the availability of fuel in the region.

Mr. Thawete shared this exciting development during a visit to Mpika, where he led the Chairperson of the Energy Regulation Board (ERB), Reynolds Bowa, on an inspection of the construction progress of the pipeline.

Reynolds Bowa commended the project as a demonstration of the Zambian Government’s commitment to lowering the cost of transporting fuel and ensuring efficient fuel distribution. He also emphasized that this project would serve as a benchmark for potential expansion to other parts of the country, ultimately benefiting more regions with improved fuel accessibility and affordability.

The TAZAMA fuel pipeline project represents a significant step forward in bolstering fuel infrastructure in northern Zambia, fostering economic growth, and enhancing the lives of local communities by ensuring a consistent fuel supply.