Tanzania: Single Window System for Businesses Kicks Off


AR ES SALAAM: THE Zanzibar Trade and Industrial Development Minister, Omar Said Shaaban, announced on Monday the implementation of a single window system designed to streamline services for businesspeople.

Speaking at the open ng of the 48th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF), Mr. Shaaban highlighted that 30 out of 60 government institutions have already registered into the system, which officially commenced in the 2024/2025 financial year.

"The system will reduce the chain of procedures that previously delayed business operations. Decision-making institutions have already integrated into the system," Mr. Shaaban explained.

"The system will help to reduce the chain of procedures that were delaying the business. The decision making institutions have already been incorporated into the system," said Mr Shaaban.

He added: "the establishment of the single window system will stimulate investment activities and boost business growth in the country," Mr Shaaban said the ministers will continue to manage all highlighted priorities to ensure positive results for the future.

He said both ministries of Trade and Industry from Zanzibar and Tanzania Mailand will continue to improve environment of doing business and ttract more investment in the country.

According to Mr. Shaaban, the government is encouraging people to utilize all available business opportunities in the regional markets, including the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement, of which Tanzania is a signatory.

The Minister stated that eleven Tanzanian companies have successfully sold their products in various African countries through the AfCFTA agreement.

"We have AfCFTA beneficiaries here. They are here to encourage other companies and business persons to grab opportunities under AfCFTA.

They are here to educate people on the general benefits of using the regional market," noted Mr Shaaban. T

he Minister further urged business people to make good use of the ongoing fair exhibition to gain knowledge on various technologies so that they can confidently enter into the competitive market.

"We will continue to upgrade the fair exhibitions here and in Zanzibar so as to meet international standards and attract more exhibitors from various nations," said Mr Shabaan.

Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade, Mr Exaud Kigahe said this year's exhibition has attracted a total of 3,846 participants compared to 3,500 of last year.

"This year, we have an increase of 346 participants, some are from other nations and this gives a great opportunity for Tanzanians to learn from them," he said.