Southern African-German Chamber Partners with Critical Minerals Africa: Opens Summit to EU, German Companies


The Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Southern Africa) has partnered with Energy Capital & Power for the Critical Minerals Africa (CMA) summit – taking place October 17-18 in Cape Town. The summit serves as the African critical minerals dealmaking space, connecting global consumers and businesses with African producers and projects. AHK Southern Africa members are invited to participate in the forum, the most important critical minerals gathering of the year. 

Germany has long-been an essential partner for Southern African nations, serving as a provider of technology and expertise as well as an important end-user of critical minerals. The country is a member of the Minerals Security Partnership (MSP) – a US-led collaboration of 14 countries which aims to increase public and private sector investment in critical mineral supply chains globally – and boasts strong bilateral ties across the minerals sector with countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo and more.

“AHK Southern Africa, through the establishment of its Competence Centre for Mining and Minerals Resources in 2013 and the support of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), plays a crucial role in supporting German investment in Southern Africa's mining industry. As a key point of contact for German suppliers and investors in the region, we promote market transparency, advocate for responsible mining practices, enhance resource efficiency, and contribute to the long-term sustainability and socio-economic development, while also fostering a greener and more environmentally conscious mining industry,” said Matthias Boddenberg, CEO, AHK Southern Africa.

CMA 2023 provides a unique opportunity for German companies and investors in the critical minerals space to advance their contribution to the regional market while establishing long-term supply networks between Southern Africa and Germany, as well as other EU states.

Under collaborations such as the MSP and legislation such as the EU’s Critical Raw Materials Act – a framework to ensure EU access to a secure and sustainable supply of critical raw materials – Africa’s role as a global mineral producer and exporter has been augmented. CMA 2023 enables German and African stakeholders to engage on a bilateral and multilateral level, establishing strategic roadmaps for both minerals and energy security.

An EU delegation is expected to participate at CMA 2023 in October, with representatives speaking at official levels. Through the AHK Southern Africa partnership, both EU and German companies have the chance to strengthen their investment in African minerals, unlocking high returns while strengthening global supply chains.

CMA 2023 takes place concurrently with the continent’s biggest energy event, African Energy Week 2023, and unites African governments; international presidential and ministerial delegations; and global finance, mining, manufacturing and technology firms under the theme, Establishing the Critical Minerals Value Chain of the Future in Africa.

German technology and capital will be integral to Africa’s future minerals success. Energy Capital & Power extends an invitation to AHK Southern Africa members to participate in this important forum.