Frontier Africa Reports

Rethinking Debt: Financing the Future Amid Crisis

COVID-19 has made clear the need to establish a better way to handle the debt-financing needs of developing economies, which have suffered repeated cycles of debt buildups and crises, resulting in grave setbacks in the fight against extreme poverty.

The event Rethinking Debt: Financing the Future Amid Crisis will explore perspectives on a new international financial architecture for debt, highlighting the consequences of inaction for poverty and development.

What can we learn from past debt restructuring efforts?

What policy options do countries have to enhance resilient debt financing, support efficient debt restructuring when needed, and increase debt transparency?

Leaders from government, the private sector and civil society—as well as youth aspiring to finance their future from across the world—will share their concerns and ideas on what can be done to resolve debt quickly and ensure a green, resilient and inclusive recovery.