Namibia: Entrepo Receives Debt Funding Solution of N$900 Million From Rmb Namibia


A Government employee lending institution and Long term insurer, acting as the trusted advisor, Entrepo Holdings has secured an N$900 million debt funding solution from RMB Namibia.

RMB Namibia highlighted Entrepo's evolution from a start-up to a thriving enterprise. The funding aims to support Entrepo's ambitious growth plans, marking a strategic move to diversify its lender base and facilitate further expansion.

"We arranged and implemented a scalable debt funding solution that allows lenders to provide funding under a common term agreement and this arrangement maintains flexibility on commercial terms being offered to Entrepo," the bank said in a statement, adding that it also extended significant funding under this arrangement to the client.

Transactor at RMB Namibia, Steffen Museler said their support for entities such as Entrepo, who aim to provide short-term funding and long-term insurance products to government employees, resonates with our commitment to enabling Namibians to participate in the country's economic activity.

"This unique structure marks a first in Namibia and demonstrates our ability to leverage our regional experience, skills, and resources to deliver value-adding banking solutions for our clients," he concluded.