Madagascar : the entire world now accepts Mvola


As the number-one mobile-money platform in Madagascar, MVola has become an integral part of millions of users ? day-to-day lives. When it began it 2010, MVola users could already withdraw, deposit and transfer money even from the most simple mobile phones. Ever since, the platform has expanded to allow users to pay bills and purchases; the linking of MVola and bank accounts; managing savings from one ?s phone via MVola Epargne as well giving them access to nano-loans with MVola Avance.


Today, customers ? expectations are ever-expanding: they literally want the world!
Malagasy want to buy off the internet, travel easily without exchanging money, manage their accounts and withdraw cash from around Madagascar, nay the world; or pay for urgent products and services such as healthcare or travelling.
To uplift our customers on the global marketplace, MVola is launching its own VISA International Card. This card will be accessible to all MVola customers as of October 2nd 2020 and represents the first-ever partnership of its kind in Africa or the Indian Ocean.


The MVola Visa Card is linked to an MVola account. Users only need to buy the card at any Telma shop for the price of 20,000 MGA TTC, and then call #111*1*6*9# to activate it with your MVola secret code.


Once active, the card is ready for use at any of the 1,500 businesses or 635 ATMs that accept MVola in Madagascar, as well as the world. Thanks to Visa, MVola will now be accepted by over 61 million businesses across 200 countries.


The Visa Mvola Card, like other bank cards, was made for use by all adult users who have an MVola account:


  • The Visa MVola card has no signup fees or monthly fees.
  • The Visa MVola card allows users to withdraw cash from ATMs around the world.
  • It also allows users to make card payments using electronic payment terminals (EPTs).
  • It also allows all clients to make payments online without bank accounts (on websites like Sanifer, ABC, Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress)
  • Clients can subscribe to streaming services (like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Apple TV...)
  • Make online payments for microtransactions in online gaming (Fortnite, PUBG...)


  • The Visa MVola Card instantly debits purchases from your MVola account.
  • It can be used immediately after the card has been linked to an MVola account. Users ? money is available immediately, all over the world, 24/7.
  • The bank card is available at the 75 Telma Shop throughout Madagascar.


  • Each Visa MVola Card is unique and protected by a 4-digit PIN code that is different from the activation code provided by MVola.
  • Account statements available directly from the MVola self-service platform.
  • The MVola platform automatically sends a confirmation by SMS, by email and on the MVola self-service platform after each transaction that has been carried out.
  • Our partnership with VISA ?s online-payment solutions guarantees all users ? data security for all transactions; thanks to the Verified by Visa feature, cardholders will be informed of e-commerce websites ? level of security.

« Our partnership with MVola, Madagascar ?s first-choice mobile-money platform, will allow us to combine our resources towards offers that are accessible to more clients and businesses, especially at a time where the world is dealing more and more in cashless, long-distance transactions. We think that our joint efforts to provide transparent cross-platform financial products and services are a key step to the complete financial inclusion of its people that Madagascar aspires to.» Fabrice Konan, VISA Country Manager for Madagascar.

Once again, Madagascar ?s leading mobile-money platform has demonstrated its commitment to the financial inclusion of all Malagasy! All holders of MVola accounts—about 5,000,000 people—are now eligible for the Visa Mvola Card. Moreover, those who do not have MVola accounts can still get a Visa MVola card by signing up for an MVola account at any Telma Shop or at any MVola outlet. Signup is free and instant.

« MVola is ready to support the growth of your business with national and international money transfers. This degree of innovation cements our place as leaders and pioneers in Madagascar and the surrounding region ?s mobile-money market. The Malagasy people chose MVola and from today onwards, the world will accept MVolaMatthieu Mace, Managing Director, MVola.