In the latest episode of The A Perspective podcast, AVCA's CEO, Abi Mustapha-Maduakor, talks to Andrew Skipper about the trends affecting private investment in Africa and why Africa is a great investment destination


Join them as they discuss AVCA, their mandate to promote investment into Africa, how they’re adding value to the sector, and what their focus has been during the COVID-19 pandemic. The two also delve into the key themes that are most relevant to the continent, post-pandemic and the sectors that AVCA members are most excited by, and why. Abi also shares her view on what the unique selling points are for Africa as an investment destination, how she and AVCA members see the AfCFTA as being a relevant factor in investment now and in the future, as well as her outlook on SMEs and the potential capacity for investment by and in SMEs on the continent.