COP 27: in Sharm-El-Sheikh, the BRVM pleads for sustainable finance


The Managing Director of the Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM) and President of the Association of African Stock Exchanges (ASEA) participated, on Wednesday November 9, 2022, on the sidelines of COP 27, in a panel organized by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), to promote sustainable finance in Africa. 

During this panel, which had the theme: "Accelerating sustainable finance in Africa", Dr. Edoh Kossi AMENOUNVE, had the opportunity to present the BRVM model which is unique as well as the interconnection project of African Stock Exchanges (AELP ). He also shared his vision for sustainable finance in Africa, in particular the opportunity it offers to attract capital to our continent that seeks to invest in projects that preserve the environment and are gender-focused, the elimination of social inequalities and financial inclusion. 

The CEO of the BRVM also presented the strategic partnership between the BRVM and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange which materialized with the signing of a MoU on September 14, 2022. 

As a reminder, this cooperation has three (3) objectives, namely: (I) assistance for the creation of markets and instruments of sustainable finance, (II) the establishment of dual listing between Luxembourg and the BRVM for green and social bonds and (III) support in the training of professionals and regional financial market players on sustainability issues.