BRVM Admits Fidelis Finance Bond 2023-2028


On Monday, March 11, 2024, the Regional Stock Exchange (#BRVM) admitted to its listing the bond issue by public offering \"FIDELIS Finance CAP25% 2023-2028\" under the symbol FDFINBF. O1.

This loan launched on the regional financial market of #UEMOA by the credit institution Fidelis Finance Burkina Faso, between September and November 2023, has made it possible to mobilize 14.94 billion CFA francs and is part of our CAP 2025 strategic plan which ultimately aims at an organic transformation of our company in order to better support the financing of SMEs,\" said the Chief Executive Officer of Fidelis Finance, Dr. Abdoulaye SORY.

Receiving his guests of the day, Dr Edoh Kossi AMENOUNVE, Director General of the BRVM did not fail to express his joy at seeing a private sector loan admitted to the BRVM listing.
Indeed, the listing of this bond issue by public offering constitutes the only bond of the private sector of Burkina Faso on the market, thus marking the return of this sector to the BRVM bond market since the BOA Burkina 6.25% 2012 – 2017 bond admitted to listing on February 08, 2013 and since then delisted.

\"I would like to salute the success of the \"Fidelis Finance Cap25 7% 2023-2028\" bond issue, which is an affirmation of Fidelis Finance\'s commitment to financial innovation and sustainable growth, as evidenced by its purpose. I would therefore like to warmly congratulate Fidelis Finance for this bold and strategic initiative, as well as all the partners involved in the structuring and execution of the transaction, in particular IMPAXIS Securities,\" he said Dr AMENOUNVE.

He took the opportunity of this ceremony to invite the economic actors of the private sector of Burkina Faso and the Union to take greater advantage of the opportunities offered by the market at very competitive rates and conditions in view of the tightening of liquidity and rates on a global scale.
Dr AMENOUNVE reaffirmed the #BRVM\'s commitment to support these economic actors in this dynamic for a greater mobilization of resources with a view to creating the conditions for sustained and sustainable growth in all the countries of our Union.

\"Ultimately, we are excited about the prospects offered by listing our securities on the stock exchange and remain committed to maintaining our investors\' confidence by delivering strong and sustainable financial performance. Today\'s milestone is the beginning of a process that will enable us to meet the challenge of the future listing of our credit institution on the stock exchange,\" concluded Dr. Abdoulaye SORY, Chief Executive Officer of FIDELIS Finance.

Excellent stock market life with the \"Fidelis Finance Cap25 7% 2023-2028\" loan on the #BRVM stock exchange.