Algotech Egypt launches a digital system to solve queuing problems


Algotech, an Egyptian digital solutions company launched a new digital system that virtually manages client waiting for lines saving time and effort while abiding by the required health and safety regulations in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Clients face many challenges when waiting for a certain service. They are often faced with the following concerns: Lack of social distancing, long waits, waiting areas, and queues, and many others. Algotech offers a solution to this by building the best-in-class digital queuing services due to enhanced customer experiences while protecting customers and staff members.

Tarek Abdel Ghafaar, chair of Algotech Egypt’s board of directors shared his belief in the “future of digitization in Egypt” and build confidence in the “governmental and private sector“. This user-friendly system allows users to log in and register their arrival times.

The company credits itself on saving 30,000,000 minutes saved with over 90% customer satisfaction. The system has already been tested in Europe and Asia where it provides a smooth and effective customer service experience.