Frontier Africa Reports

Agriculture has the power to drive economic growth, create jobs & food security, as well as drive commitment from stakeholders to invest in R&D and critical infrastructure. Our Head of Agriculture, Roux Wildenboer, explains:

Matching Foresight with Sustainable Possibilities
As global and continental economies change, we’re faced with new challenges and opportunities. As a bank committed to the sustainable development of our African continent, we partner with our clients to navigate this changing world, sharing deep insights and learnings on key sectors, many of which have been disrupted by the global pandemic.

Through the Absa Insights Series, we help our clients unlock their full growth potential through sustainable opportunities and solutions, ensuring a future for them, our planet and for generations to come.

With expertise in the agricultural sector, we offer our clients valuable insights at every step of their growth journey. These strategic partnerships help them unlock their full financial potential with foresight and sustainable solutions.