A subscription rate of 62.34% for OPA Sanlam Morocco


The Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) today announced the results of the Mandatory Public Purchase Offer (OPA) targeting the actions of Sanlam Maroc. This operation was initiated by Sanlam EM Proprietary, Allianz Europe, Sanlam Allianz Africa, and Sanlam Africa Morocco.

The original objective of the takeover bid was to acquire 1,575,607, shares, representing 38.27% of Sanlam Maroc's share, corresponding to the minority shareholders' share.

On this basis, 982.198 shares were actually acquired during the takeover bid, representing 23.86% of Sanlam Maroc's total capital. This participation rate is 62.34% of the actions covered by the supply.

Following this operation, the new block of shareholders, built around the Sanlam/Allianz alliance, now holds approximately 85% of the capital of Sanlam Maroc, according to our calculations. This level of participation allows them to